“[My character Naomi Clark on 90210] is the queen of manipulation. She knows how to dupe her way, charm her way, and pout her way into anything. But every bitch has a little girl inside that didn’t get what they needed from somewhere.”

“American audiences have an attention span of, like, three seconds. You have to catch their eye when you flip channels, so [90210] is very provocative, very racy, very sexy.”

“I like guns. My birthday is next week and I’m getting the 380 Ruger and a .38 revolver.”

“We had a lot of fun. I didn’t get to personally work with Ving Rhames but I met him on set. Mena Suvari and Michael Welch is who I worked closely with and Mena and I are still friends now. She’s just a wonderful woman and I’m very happy that the friendship has developed and has gone on for a couple of years. We just had a lot of fun together. She’s kick ass too and likes guns so we connected on that as well as some things in our personal lives. The whole cast and director and crew would go and try the Bulgarian cuisine which was an experience in itself and totally a positive one. Honestly it was just a lot of fun.”

“It’s really funny because I used to have this huge fear of snakes. I got over my fear and now I’m actually getting a Albino Burmese Python. Right now, I’m sure there’s other fears but sharks. I’m scared sh**less of sharks. I want to go in the cage and go down and see that they’re not as bad as I think they are.”

“I’ve done the school-girl thing but I really love kick-a** roles. I love Tomb Raider and comic books or stuff like that. I love fast cars and motorcycles.”

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